Welcome to both our class and our blog!

This site is where you’ll be able to find our syllabus, the course schedule, links to readings, and information about major assignments. This is also where you’ll be posting your reading responses.

Feel free to explore the links I’ve provided and to take a look ahead at what we have in store this semester. I’ve posted some tips for navigating this site here. You should also take a few moments to explore WordPress’s functionality. Take a look at the options for posting images, links, quotes, etc., note that you can add to your formatting options in blog posts by clicking on the button called “the kitchen sink”; familiarize yourself with how to add tags and categories to your posts, etc. I’m always happy to answer questions about the content you find here as well as any technical questions you may have.

Remember that you should feel free to post something regardless of whether or not you’ve been assigned a post. If you have something interesting or important to say, a relevant online article to which you’d like to link, or a question with which you’re struggling that is related to our class, the blog is the place to post it.

I look forward to your creative posts and a great semester together!